About WCET

Our Mission

Our center’s mission is to engage with the greater Worcester County community in promoting accessible expressive therapy care. We strive for clinical excellence and work to ensure that individual children are matched with a clinician who will be the right fit. Through the clinical use of the arts, WCET’s goal is to build unity in community, through a focus on the arts as acting social justice, through research, and to provide accessible healthcare that will impact the lives of the groups and individuals we serve.

Our Beginnings

In 2013 we set out on a journey to bring music-centered, clinical music therapy and counseling to young children located in Worcester County. In 2014 we expanded our center to include art therapy. In 2018 our philosophy of care shifted to create more opportunities for marginalized groups, and decided to focus our work solely on children in our city communities. On our journey through time, we have come to understand our best work occurs within our city’s classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, and childcare facilities. We became more devoted to creating accessible and affordable care and moved away from a focus on a privatized model. We downsized our physical office to focus on providing services within our partnering children’s program locations. Our services currently include; individual and group sessions for; infants, young children, and tweens. While our individual offerings now are limited due to our commitment to community models of care, we continue to offer individual sessions as best we can, and refer to local well respected facilities when we are unavailable to take new patients. Our partnering agencies allow us the privilege of providing expressive therapy care groups to children from birth to the age of 12, and we currently provide services to roughly 150 children excluding our three summer camp programs.

What Is Expressive Therapy?

The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association defines expressive therapy as, “The expressive arts combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development.”

Our Philosophy

Worcester Center for Expressive Therapies is a clinical expressive therapy center providing the Worcester County area with a unique approach to wellness, and creative arts therapies. WCET therapists use their education, training, knowledge of clinical research, and experience to provide our clients with the most effective and progressive expressive therapy care.

WCET is unique in four major ways:

  • We provide an intimate and personal environment for our consumers. While this may lead to longer wait times, it ensures that each person receives the personalized attention they deserve.
  • We are a practice-based evidence model with our roots firmly grounded in the most recent and relevant scientific research.
  • Our model is music, art, and movement centered, meaning we welcome all individuals as they are, and we treat every individual as unique and naturally creative.
  • We are able to accept most major private insurances, however, most of our work takes place in the community and is grant funded.

At Worcester Center for Expressive Therapies, we strive to facilitate a process-oriented journey of arts experiences that deepen interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and insights.

WCET is a unique clinical expressive therapy center that provides the therapeutic services of music therapy, art therapy, speech and language pathology and counseling to the Worcester community. WCET accepts most private insurances and offers affordable private pay rates for both group and individual therapy sessions.