WCET clinicians have a specialty focus on children ages 0-12. Our treatment plans are fashioned to meet the individual needs of the child and an informative packet is given upon beginning the expressive therapy journey. Progress is documented during each session and goals and objectives are tracked and updated as needed. Assessments and generalized summaries of progress are available upon request. For detailed information about our current group schedule for children please feel free to contact us.

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Individual sessions are for the one on one therapy experience. WCET therapists provide support for behavioral health concerns, mental health concerns, and mental health concerns due to medical diagnoses. Each individual comes with their own strengths, and we take the time to develop your specific treatment plan together. The session is generally 45 minutes long, the last 15 minutes of the hour is for documentation, and consultation.


Our group sessions focus on bringing people together through the expressive arts. Groups are kept small for optimal social experiences and are led by one of our experienced therapists. Groups are made by careful assessment and clinical need. Members are usually looking for a community atmosphere to work with others through a socially connected therapeutic process.